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About Huntington

In the 1850s, Collis P. Huntington strove to realize the dream of making a transcontinental railroad that could connect America’s East Coast with the West. In 2018, the Huntington Development bears his name to honor the pioneering spirit and commitment to progress that still lives in us.

Huntington is a 2,550 home development on the border of Newport News and Yorktown, Virginia, the newest planned development in the area in a generation. Huntington is the perfect place to enjoy the journey of life as it unfolds before you. Anyone who wants to live an exciting life can enjoy this active development, and the types of homes in Huntington cater to all stages of life and lifestyles. 

HHHunt Homes, QHOC Homes, Wayne Harbin Builder, Inc and Westmoreland Homes. have brought their passion for building quality new construction homes to Huntington. Home types include upscale apartments and single family homes to ensure that Huntington has a space that is right for you.

Quality homes and strong ties to local history are not the only reasons why you will love living in Huntington. This thoughtfully designed community has exciting retail space, lush green spaces, and community amenities you actually want to use. Stroll over to the community restaurants for some bourbon and BBQ. Get the freshest ingredients for your home cooked meals at the weekly farmers market. Explore the Mariner's Museum Noland Trail. Have fun with your friends and family.

Huntington is more than a group of new homes. Huntington is a vibrant urban space that gives you an active and exciting lifestyle.